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Mortgage Protection & Life Insurance

Have you thought about how you and your family would be affected if you were to be off work long-term, diagnosed as critically ill or were to pass away? We advise on and set-up life, critical illness, income protection and family protection plans.

No-Obligation Advice & Protection Reviews

No one knows what is around the corner when it comes to health and planning for the unexpected is something we all should be doing. We can tailor a package of insurances to protect you, your family, your income, your home & even your business. All of our advice is no-obligation and we handle all applications and amendments for you. We are also on-hand to help with any claims, and advise on trusts for your life insurance.

For a no obligation protection review, call 0330 133 2981 today!!


How can life assurance help me?

Pay off your mortgages in full when you die

Pay off your mortgage in full or part if you are critically ill

Clear unsecured debts in either event

Provide support for hospital treatments/travel

Provide a lump sum to cover funeral costs

Provide a regular monthly income for your children

Replace your income if you are off work long-term

24/7 access to medical professional

Pay off your mortgages/debts if terminally ill

Access to counselling, bereavement and other support services

Provide a lump sum if you break a bone or tear a muscle


Discuss your needs, budget and risks.


Submit applications & medical questions


Regular reviews & point-of-contact

Risk, medical underwriting and GP reports

Once you have taken the decision to put policies in place, our Advisors will guide you through the application process to ensure all questions are answered fully and correctly. Depending on your age, your job, your hobbies and medical history, your application may be sent for underwriting by the insurer. Depending on the outcome, the insurer may decide to apply additional weighting to your premiums to cover the additional risk on their part, defer, decline your application or request additional information via a GP report if there are under-lying health issues.

Arrange a protection review today - 0330 133 2981

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