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Commercial Finance 



Independent, Whole-Of-Market Brokers

Our process is assured, impartial and as independent brokers, we have access to all lenders operating in the UK. Our strong relationships with lenders enables us to source the best facility for our clients in a professional and timely manner. 

Operating as independent brokers gives us the freedom to check the whole of the market in order to find the best deal for our clients. We are not influenced by any one lender.

We also charge fees for broker services, which is great news for our clients. We work for you, not for the lender that pays the most in procuration fees. Our clients know they are getting the best deal possible. Our standard fee is 1%, but this can be negotiated for larger loan amounts and retained services.

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End-to-End Broker Service

Online | Phone | In-Person

So how can we help you?

Owner - Occupier Mortgages

Investment Property Mortgages

Short-Term Bridging Finance

Property Development Finance

Owner - Occupier Mortgages

Mortgages for trading businesses are probably the most competitive sector within the commercial finance industry. Loan to values can reach 100%, with interest rates starting from Bank Base + 2%. We are also able to negotiate with your own bank on your behalf.

Modern Architecture

Investment Property Mortgages

Buying an investment property in the UK can prove to be a good decision. Arranging the correct finance can be a key element to measuring the success of such purchases. We provide our clients with many options including interest only, flexible repayment and increased loan term, from the most competitive lenders in the market place.

Commercial Building

Short - Term Bridging Finance

When the time pressure is on or the current structure of the property is not suitable for high street lenders, then short term lending can be the only option. Or is it? The number of lenders in this market place is significant and the costs can be high. If there is another option we will help you find it, if not we will find you the best short term deal.

Commercial Building Exterior

Property Development Finance

For both the experienced building company and the first time property developer, we have the contacts, and the knowledge, to achieve the best finance available to maximise the project profit. The ability to negotiate with lenders is never more important than in this finance sector. With more and more lenders entering this market, choosing the right broker to seek the finance for you can have a marked effect on the end result.

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More about our broker process...

1. Make A Decision

Our experienced brokers will discuss your objectives, financial requirements and your expectations. We will also ask you to provide the key financial information about your business or investment property so that we can give you an almost instant indication of what may be achievable. If we can’t help we will explain why.

2. Terms Of Business

If we believe we can help, we explain all of the fees and costs involved and send our terms of business to the client for their consideration and acceptance. We will also usually summarise the expected outcome based on the information and assumptions with which we’ve been provided at this stage

3. Approach Lenders

Once instructed, we gather the required supporting information/documentation. We then prepare the summary proposal and present it to those lenders we know 1, have an appetite for that type of lending; and 2, will provide the most competitive/attractive terms. We then negotiate directly with those lenders to achieve the best rates, fees, loan to value and terms & conditions.

4. Table Of Terms

We then provide a table of terms comparing each lender’s indicative terms. You are then in a position to make an educated decision as to which lender you would like to move forward with.

5. Lender Introduction

Once the preferred lender has been selected we will guide you through the lender’s specific internal processes. This may include a fact-to-face meeting, completion of that lender’s application forms or the provision of additional information e.g. copies of bank statements. At some point a property and/or business valuation will also be required and solicitors will need to be instructed: CFB UK will guide you through this process, managing the appropriate parts for you.

6. Formal Offer

Having received credit committee sanction the offer letter is then issued to the client for their consideration and acceptance.

7. Quick & Successful Completion

Our role, once the client has met the lender and/or accepted their offer of finance, is to marshal all parties and influence a quick and efficient completion. Communication between the valuer, lender and the legal teams is essential to a fast conclusion.

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