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Accident Cover from  MetLife

If you play sport, work in the trades or use the gym, you need accident cover

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MetLife MultiProtect

MultiProtect provides financial support for you 24/7 worldwide*, covering a range of injuries from broken bones to those that could have a significant impact on yours and your families life. When you have MultiProtect from MetLife, you can feel comfortable to live the life you love knowing you are covered should the unexpected happen. You also get free and unlimited access to a professional wellbeing support centre offering a wealth of expert resources.

*does not include UK

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It Starts With Core Cover

Broken Bones

cover is up to £4000 per broken bone, even if you break more than one.

Figures correct as at 15/11/2021

Accidental Death

should the worst happen, MultiProtect provides cover up to £200,000.

Figures correct as at 15/11/2021

Total permanent disability

cover up to £250,000.

Figures correct as at 15/11/2021

Accidental permanent injury

covers a wide range of life-changing injuries up to £250,000.

Figures correct as at 15/11/2021

UK hospital stays

cover is up to £250 per 24-hour period. UK hospital admission for accident or sickness (sickness is covered after 12 months of policy)

Figures correct as at 15/11/2021

Funeral benefit

up to £10,000 if you die of natural causes, or your premiums back if you die in the first year of policy.

Figures correct as at 15/11/2021


Upgrade Your Cover...


Offers a wide range of benefits including children's cancer cover - ages 6 months to 18 years (23 if in full-time education)


Provides additional cover for accidental injuries such as ligament tears, tendon ruptures and dislocations.


Tailored for those at risk of contracting certain illnesses, such as those in the healthcare sector.

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